101 in 1001

I have been religiously following Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling since I was in college. I absolutely love her model of completing 101 things in 1001 days. I get a bit overwhelmed by New Year's resolutions because one year can seem so limiting. I often find, too that when I make these lists, I complete some of the goals without even realizing it.

This will be my third 101 list. I try to make it a somewhat fluid set of things to achieve. If some of the bullets need to be revised or re-worked, I am forgiving to myself. That's life! We adjust, we re-work. Especially now. I am excited about what the next 1,001 days will bring. Far more than could be contained in this list, which is the beauty of life.

Start Date: 1/1/2020

End Date: 9/28/2022


Remember to floss every night for a month (and hopefully beyond)

Let hair dry naturally for one week

Meditate every evening for 10 nights

Get acupuncture for TMJ

Try a new workout class [2/22/20 went to a Barry's Bootcamp class in NYC with Bobby]

Do my own nail art and write about it

Go 100% makeup free for a week and write about it

Try dermaplaning

Order new glasses and check what insurance covers [3/1/2020 ordered new Warby Parker glasses and applied $70 coverage from insurance]

Check "good health" incentives through new insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Try an Inkbox (temporary) tattoo

Do Gua Sha facial for 30 days straight

Figure out best vitamin routine

Buy FitBit scale (Aria) and improve BMI

Simplify beauty routine and write about it

Get new prescription for eyeglasses


Create 5 watercolor paintings or illustrations and send to a friend

Pick back up on calligraphy (with the help of Martha Stewart)

Take a flower arranging class

Take a needlepoint class or workshop (can be online / YouTube)

Write & self-publish a children's book

Create an animated GIF in Photoshop 

Buy a piece of art

Make my own coloring book illustration and share on the blog

Collect shells or seaglass at the beach and create something from the materials (wreath or Christmas ornament)


Watch Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, Art & Copy, and The Tents again

Read 20 books and blog about each one (2020 Goodreads challenge)

Read a biography

See every film nominated for the Academy Awards (Oscars) Best Picture

See Zach Brown Band in concert (at Fenway Park)

Re-watch the following Audrey Hepburn movies: My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday

Go to a Red Sox game in the summer

Go to the ballet again in NYC [2/1/2020 Went to ballet at Lincoln Center with Nicky]


Participate in 5 road races

Run another Half Marathon (SHAPE Women's in April)

Go to a driving range

Wear FitBit for a full month [Have worn my FitBit every day and night in 2020]

Take a yoga class at a new-to-me studio

Do 10 NEOU virtual classes

Donate blood

Go hiking

Buy a bike and start riding in the morning

Order a tennis racket and pick back up with tennis

Go ice skating

Go kayaking

Paddle board in a new area (not just World's End)


Go to a restaurant and ask the waiter or waitress what I should order, go with what they say

Make an entire meal from ingredients from a farmer's market

Try 5 new recipes in my Flour cookbook (1. Apple Snacking Spice Cake, recommendation from Eileen, 2. Heart-Healthy Dried Fruit Scones, 3. Good Morning Muffins, 4. Intense Chocolate Brownies, 5. Rosemary and Olive Oil Focaccia Bread)

Learn how to make a seafood dish with fresh fish and write about it

Make lobster rolls with fresh lobster

Make a craft cocktail with fresh ingredients

Visit a new winery

Make homemade pizza (Gorgonzola, pear, caramelized onion, walnuts) [3/30/2020 pizza night during quarantine]

Bake a birthday cake for somebody

Have a wine & cheese night with friends

Make jam cookies and write about it


Give something up for 40 days

Go apple picking, strawberry picking, or blueberry picking

Take more photos with my camera - not iPhone - and curate a collection of my 10 favorites

Pay for a stranger's coffee at Starbucks

Write 10 cards "just because"

Host a "book swap"

Send flowers to someone out of the blue

Unplug completely for a full weekend (no phone)

Buy a fabulous gift for someone from an antique store

Bake cookies and give them out to friends - add nice sayings to the packaging

For one month, write down one thing I am thankful for every morning

Host a "game night"

Bring pizza to the beach

Mail someone a surprise package

Throw away/donate 30 things and do not replace them

Make s’mores by a fire-pit [5/2020 backyard in Hingham]

Play mini golf

Go through / organize / clean jewelry [1/2020 went through all jewelry and cleaned sterling silver]

Compile the perfect care package for a friend who needs it

Write in journal more consistently (at night before going to sleep)

Try takeout from 10 new-to-me restaurants

Purchase an item of clothing from a thrift store

Take care of a plant

Get a massage


Organize Goodreads

Go to a meet-the-author event

Network with 5 new people

Watch 10 TED talks online

Find 5 inspiring women and write about them

Pay off student loans by age 30 [Completed early! 3/17/2020]

Volunteer - 10 hours total

Get more involved in iMentor by participating more in the portal, attending every meeting, and sharing books with my mentee

Get Skipper's Folly into a retail store

Meet with a financial planner or consult someone about long-term finances

Create a physical vision board/mood board

Write three letters to three people who inspire me

Update my Linkedin profile

Update my resume

Buy a car


Go to Nashville, Tennessee

Go to Ireland

Take a spontaneous road trip

Visit a National Park 

Visit 3 friends who live out-of-state

Day trip to the Cape / Nantucket / Martha's Vineyard

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